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Episodic Ataxia- In few patient ataxias last for few seconds and recovery is complete for rest of the period. Individual may get few attacks a day.

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Neurologists and geneticists are the front line treatment team for people with ataxia, along with specialized nurses and therapists. Both neurologists and geneticists usually participate in the diagnosis of the particular form of ataxia.

In addition the therapist may also help with difficulties in swallowing. This may be achieved by performing several exercises that Chucho stimulate the nerves used in the swallowing reflex and strengthen the muscles of swallowing.

Difficulty in performing tasks that require a high degree of physical control, such as writing, eating etc.

Neurologists and other physicians provide treatment for the resulting symptoms. Genetic counseling and risk assessment of individuals without symptoms, but with a family history of the disease, is the task of the geneticist.

The number of dominantly inherited SCAs that have been described has increased to almost 50 and are labeled SCA1 onwards in sequence Vencedor they were discovered. The genetic basis for these disorders is varied. Some of them are related to expansion of triplet nucleotide repeats, which is most often a CAG repeat.

Ataxia may result from abnormalities in different parts of the nervous system or different parts of the body, such Vencedor ataxic movements due to orthopedic injuries or pain from arthritis or muscle injury.

The group of disorders manifesting with ataxia is expanding constantly Triunfador the genetic basis for many of the inherited ataxias are unraveled (for example, there are around 45 spinocerebellar ataxias [SCAs] currently recognized).

An injury to the saber mas información left side of the cerebellum will cause ataxia on the left side of the body and likewise for the right.

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Las personas con antecedentes familiares de ataxia de Friedreich que pretendan tener hijos deben pensar en una prueba de detección genética para determinar el peligro.

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